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Fillmed Skin Perfusion (Sample) B3-RECOVERY CREAM 2ml

  • Product line: Skin Perfusion
  • Product Code: Sample B3-Recovery Cream
  • Size: 2 ml
  • Availability: In Stock

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B3-Recovery Cream – Hydrates – Smoothes – Repairs

Soothing care containing ingredients with hydrating properties. Vitamin B3 boosts collagen synthesis and strengthens the skin barrier. To avoid uncomfortable sensation following any aesthetic procedure, the formula is especially designed to protect sensitive and reactive skin from aggressions.

Key Ingredients:
Vitamin B3 1% + H-Urea 2%
Rhamno-complex + Plant complex + Mirabilis Jalpa extract

*Sample size - 2ml. Product image for reference only.
Product Details
Size 50 ml

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