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SVR SEBIACLEAR Gel Moussant Wash-Off Gel (Face + Body) - Oily & Blemish Prone Skin (400ml) Eco-Refill Bag

  • Product line: Laboratories SVR
  • Product Code: 3662361003419
  • Size: 400 ml
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£9.42 Ex Tax: £7.85

Exfoliating soap-free foaming gel cleanser for combination-oily + acne-prone skin.

EBIACLEAR Gel Moussant | Anti-imperfection cleanser that gently purifies and unclogs the skin. Eliminates impurities and excess sebum without drying the skin.

What is it, and who is it for?

For combination to oily sensitive acne-prone skin. Face and body.

The key to healthy skin is effective cleansing to remove impurities, excess sebum, makeup, pollution residue, etc. Skipping this essential step will result in clogged pores, blackheads and spots.

SEBIACLEAR GEL MOUSSANT is a soap-free cleanser that gently purifies and unclogs the skin. Its creamy lather helps eliminate impurities and excess sebum while respecting the skin’s balance. Easy to rinse off, it leaves skin perfectly clean, fresh and mattified. 


• 100% said their skin was deeply cleansed(1)

• 90%said it unclogged pores(1)

• 90%said it preserved the acid mantle(1)

(1) Self-assessment, 21 volunteers, twice-daily application for 28 days, % satisfaction

How does it work?

Sebum is secreted to protect the skin, but if there’s too much of it the skin becomes shiny and the hair follicles (glands that secrete sebum at the base of the hairs) clog up, causing imperfections, blackheads and spots.

This minimalist formula (just 10 ingredients!) with a high concentration of actives* is particularly suitable for sensitive combination or oily acne-prone skin:

• Gluconolactone (8X more concentrated): purifies, unclogs pores and gives the appearance of cleaner skin.

• Gentle soap-free cleanser: deeply cleanses without irritating skin, preventing a rebound effect.

• Salicylic acid: exfoliates, tighten pores, regulates excess sebum and reduces imperfections. 

Plus it’s environmentally responsible! The biodegradable formula1 contains 95% ingredients of natural origin.

Available in various formats: 55 ml tube, 200 ml reduced-plastic tube with 51% less plastic thanks to the new eco-friendly cap, 400 ml refillable bottle, 400 ml eco-refill with 76% less plastic.


* 8X higher concentration of gluconolactone and the addition of salicylic acid compared to the previous formula

The list of ingredients may be subject to change, we advise you to check the list on the purchased product.

Directions for use

Apply to wet skin, lather and rinse off. Use morning and evening or just in the morning paired with SEBIACLEAR Eau Micellaire in the evening to remove makeup.

Can also be used as a cleanser on areas of the body with imperfections prone to acne such as the back and chest.

Eco-refill in three easy steps: 1/ Remove the pump from the bottle. 2/ Pour the foaming gel from the refill pack into the 400 ml SEBIACLEAR Gel Moussant bottle or another bottle of your choice. 3/ Replace the pump and it’s ready to use!

Remember to recycle the empty packaging:

• The 55 ml and 200 ml tubes are 100% recyclable.

• The 400 ml pump bottle is recyclable. Check your local facilities for guidance on recycling the screw-off pump dispenser.

• Check your local facilities for guidance on recycling the 400 ml refill pouch.

 Readily biodegradable, tested according to OECD standard 301F.

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